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LAYME - The company

LAYME is a company that manufactures membrane keys and cases for any sort of equipment where man-machine dialogue is to provide added value.

Included amongst the possibilities and advantages offered by our membrane keyboards in regards to industrial equipment design and production, the following are of note:

  • Their durability, with several million taps.
  • Limitless freedom in regards to colours, shapes, textures and materials, with cutting-edge printing and plastic material mechanisation technologies, even with the possibility of integrating images and manufacturing batches with personalised graphic design for each unit (e.g., serial numbers, bar codes…)
  • The possibility of integrating a multi-layer sheet no thicker than 1mm, activation keys, LED diodes, resistors and electric screens makes the membrane keyboard a more cost-effective and reliable solution than other alternatives.
  • How easy they are to assemble, since the keys are self-adhesive and are connected by inserting their printed flat cable into an appropriate connector.

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, LAYME and our team of professionals are at your disposal to advise you in anything you may need.

Design and manufacture of membrane keys


Thanks to constant work and innovation, Layme holds a noteworthy position on the domestic and international market